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Camera Adapters

Camera adapters

Please contact us to narrow down the right Adapter for your Camera and Microscope.

Supplying us with your product information will be required to navigate a large selection of camera adapters and/or clamps from different manufacturers. We will need to know the model and manufacturer of the microscope and camera.

An extensive assortment of Microscope camera adapters are usually sorted by camera mount type or camera type for;

  • Dedicated microscope digital cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Digital SLR cameras
  • Consumer digital cameras
  • Network cameras

Sensor Size - The sensor size of the camera is crucial for adapter choice because many adapters have magnifying or reducing Relay lenses built-in, in order to have the camera image preview matching the size of the microscope eyepiece image.

Camera mounts - Cameras can be attached to an adapter by various mounts: C-Mount, F-Mount, SLR (35mm) camera mounts or various consumer digital camera mounts etc.

Camera Make & Model - Camera adapters are manufactured by dedicated camera manufacturers as well as the microscope manufacturers. Knowing the exact camera model will help us identify the right sensor size.

Microscope make & model - If possible, the exact model of the Trinocular head or intermediate piece as well as the microscopes model and manufacturer is helpful in selecting adapters.