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STA-SOFT is a “work horse” product for coated fabric applications which require high-level abrasion resistance and resistance to stiffening and cracking due to exposure to “oily environments.” Compounded with Naugaplus plasticizer formulations. STA-SOFT will provide a dramatic increase in service life for exercise equipment, medical braces, bar rails, and commercial seating applications Traditional as well as accent color tones are featured and the environ­mentally friendly Naugahyde BeautyGard® Protective Finish makes cleaning and disinfecting surfaces much easier for maintenance personnel.

BeautyGard® protective top coat finish is produced from environmen­tally friendly materials and processes and is technically formulated to achieve the highest performance standards.


When subjected to rigorous abrasion exposure using the industry accepted Wyzenbeek test standard, Naugahyde with BeautyGard exceeds:

  • Over 500,000 cycles (one million rubs) on 1.21 cotton/polyester sateen (standard clothing material).
  • Over 50,000 cycles on #8 cotton duck (canvas/tent material).
  • Over 15,000 cycles on #10 cotton duck (heavy canvas/tent material).


Naugahyde with BeautyGard provides outstanding protection in difficult medical and health care environments.

  • Sulfide stain resistant
  • Oil and mildew resistant (CID A-A-2950A replaces CCC-A-680a)
  • Contains agents effective against bacterial and fungal microorganisms.


Naugahyde with BeautyGard has been formulated to achieve a superior level of disinfectability with disinfectant products containing sodium hypochlorite (common household bleach) diluted 1:10, or rubbing alcohol.


Formulated to meet the small scale flammability* test requirements contained in the following specifications:

  • California Fire Regulation (Bulletin 117, Sec. E)
  • Automotive (MVSS-302)
  • BIFMA (Screen Test, Sec.

Recommended Applications

  • Office
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge
  • Hospital
  • Nursing home
  • Dental clinic
  • Truck seating
  • RV/Van upholstery
  • Auto trim
  • Airports
  • Family room
  • Living room
  • Casual dining


Cleaning is a breeze with Naugahyde brand fabric and its advanced BeautyGard protective finish. While staining and soiling exposures are common to upholstery fabrics, Naugahyde’s sulfide stain resistant formulation allows most to be removed using the following methods:

Step 1 Light soiling, the most common of problems.

  • A solution of 10% household liquid dish soap with warm water applied with a soft damp cloth.
  • If necessary, a solution of liquid cleanser and water applied with a soft bristle brush. Wipe away the residue with a water dampened cloth.

Step 2 Heavy soiling.

  • Dampen a soft white cloth with lighter fluid (naphtha) and rub gently. Rinse with a water dampened cloth.

Step 3 For more difficult stains follow these steps.

  • Dampen a soft white cloth with a solution of household bleach (sodium hypochlorite); 10% bleach, 90% water Rub gently. Rinse with a water dampened cloth to remove bleach concentration.
  • Allow 1:10 diluted bleach solution to puddle on the affected area or apply with a soaked cloth for approximately 30 minutes. Rinse with a water dampened cloth to remove any remaining bleach concentration.

Step 4

  • Dampen a soft white cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub gently. Rinse with a water dampened cloth to remove any remaining rubbing alcohol concentration.

NOTE: To restore luster, a light coat of spray furniture wax can be used. Apply for 30 seconds and follow with a light buffing using a clean white cloth.

**Please Review Carefully

When using strong cleaning agents such as rubbing alcohol or bleach, it is advisable to first test in an inconspicuous area. Other cleaning agents may contain harsh or unknown solvents and are subject to formula changes by the product manufacturer without notice. Should you desire to use other cleaning agents, carefully try them in an inconspicuous area to determine potential damage to the material. Never use harsh solvents or cleaners which are intended for industrial application. To clean stained or soiled areas, a soft white cloth is recommended. Avoid use of paper towels.

NOTE: Cleaning products** may be harmful and irritating to your skin, eyes, etc. Use protective gloves and eye protection. Do not inhale or swal­low any cleaning product. Protect surrounding area and clothing from exposure. Use in a well ventilated area. Follow all product manufacturers warnings. Uniroyal Engineered Products cannot be held responsible for damage or injuries result­ing from the use or misuse of cleaning products.

Product Features

  • Superior tear strength
  • Easily tailored
  • Non-migratory plasticizers to retain a soft and supple feel
  • -20° cold crack
  • 54" wide
  • Static dissipative slip finish
  • Resistant to scuffs and scrapes
  • Produced from environmentally friendly materials and processes
  • Made with pride in the USA

This term and any corresponding data refer to typical performance in the specific tests Indicated and should not be constructed to imply the behavior of this or any other material under other fire conditions.

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